pmExcell Service Delivery Model - PM Excellence Services

Our Troubled Project Recovery service is an intervention that would provide expert guidance to your project team to predictably recover your troubled project.

We propose to deliver our services in a 3-step process: Initial assessment phase, Detailed assessment phase, & Plan execution phase.

During the Initial assessment phase, we shall develop the Initial Risk assessment for the Troubled project. Subsequently, we shall refine the Risk assessment and develop a Project Recovery plan. Once the plan is approved, we shall move into the Plan Execution phase.

We shall also lead a Lessons Learnt exercise after completion of Plan execution, so that you can prevent future recurrences of similarly troubled projects.

We shall lead & perform Initial and Detailed assessments working with your teams either remotely or face-to-face. However, the Plan Execution phase shall be executed with the pmExcell Reviewer co-located with your Project team.