pmExcell Service Delivery Model - PM Excellence ServicesChaos Manifesto: The Standish Group’s path breaking study of IT projects that originally started in in 1994 & its latest submission in 2013 have revealed some highly significant findings on IT Project management successes and failures worldwide. The Standish group research shows that 18% of projects will fail, and a staggering 43% will be challenged. On the success side, only 39% of software projects are completed on-time and on-budget.This infographic shows the breakup of Project success split into Small and Large projects.

Chaos Manifesto Top 10 Framework for small Project success:
1. Executive support
2. User involvement
3. Optimization (Size & Complexity)
4. Skilled resources
5. Project Management expertise
6. Agile process
7. Clear Business objectives
8. Emotional maturity
9. Execution
10.Tools and Infrastructure