pmExcell Service Delivery Model - PM Excellence ServicesPMI Pulse of the Profession™ – PMO Frameworks, November 2013:
In late 2012, as part of a broader thought leadership initiative on PMOs, PMI conducted exploratory research to understand the issues encountered with building, managing and operating a PMO. One of the overarching discoveries from this exploratory work was that many are challenged with some of the most basic notions about a “PMO”: What do the letters actually stand for? What kinds of PMOs exist? What are the functions of the various types? Who do PMOs report to?

PMI set out to define and understand the PMO and then create standardized definitions to set a stake in the ground on the meaning of the actual terms having to do with a project, program or portfolio management office. But it’s more than just the terms themselves; it’s also about the situational constructs of the various management offices operating in different contexts that consider things like purpose, form, role, mission, makeup, etc.

The Pulse of the Profession™: PMO Frameworks report complements the Pulse of the Profession™ In-Depth Report: The Impact of PMOs on Strategy Implementation report by comparing the methods, services and processes used by the various types of PMOs and highlights the performance and value each framework delivers. The reports enable PMOs to benchmark themselves against measured criteria and identify areas of focus to help measure and demonstrate value to the organization.