IT PMO Implementation – Service Delivery model

pmExcell PMO Implementation Service Delivery Model

We believe that implementing an IT PMO is a Strategy decision, and its successful implementation requires detailed planning, whole-hearted engagement by all stakeholders, and adoption of change management principles.

Accordingly, the pmExcell PMO Implementation framework has been developed leveraging recommendations from PMI’s 2013 study – “Pulse of the profession – PMO Frameworks“, as well as our own experiences in conceptualizing, designing, implementing and operationalizing IT PMOs.

We shall use this framework to identify & prioritize our Customers’ objectives, to define corresponding measures of success, and then to develop a custom-made IT PMO Framework & multi-phase PMO Implementation plan for the customer organization.

We recommend that this service be engaged on a face-to-face mode of consulting.

During the Objectives definition & Services definition phases, we shall be working closely with your PMO Stakeholder leaders.

In subsequent phases, we shall setup the PMO Implementation Core team (consisting of the pmExcell PMO Manager, the Customer PMO Manager, and Subject Matter Experts from various impacted Customer functions & teams). During this period, our engagement with the PMO Stakeholder Leaders would be limited to Governance & Help needed.