Doomed from the start:

Geneca LLC surveyed approximately 600 U.S. business and IT executives and practitioners as part of its ongoing research on why teams struggle to meet the business expectations for their projects. The survey data was obtained through an online quantitative survey conducted in Q4 2010. The survey consisted of 25 closed ended questions and was completed by 596 individuals closely involved in the software development process. An independent market research analyst directed the study’s reporting.

Summary of findings
✓ 75% of respondents demonstrated a lack of confidence in Project Success
✓ Fuzzy business objectives, out-of-sync stakeholders, and excessive rework were reported as the key culprits

Key factors that contribute to anticipated project failure:
✓ Rework wariness
✓ Business involvement is inconsistent or results in confusion
✓ Business is usually or always out of synch with each other about project requirements
✓ Fuzzy business objectives
✓ Confusion around roles & responsibilities
✓ Requirements definition process not described as articulation of business need
✓ Lack of complete agreement of when project is completed
✓ Belief that predictability is achievable
✓ IT is a trusted partner and critical to the company’s success